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The Savoir Faire of Operational Excellence


Are your staff ready and able to return to work?

If not, then there are 3 key facets of operational excellence that must be considered.



Your operations are what allows for a seamless and effortless transition between estates, assets, and service staff. Ensuring that the process that makes up your operations are functioning at an optimal level continually is what ensures that the standard is not at the acceptable level, but rather held at the most prominent extent. This is the crux of operational excellence, however, this in itself is hard to define. That is why we have curated a step guide to achieving a sustainable system of operational excellence.

Operational Excellence


Akin to the triumvirate of Rome, effective operational excellence requires three independent constituents that, when combined, ensures a continuation of life without compromise. However, unlike the tragic fate of the Roman Emperor himself, Julius Caesar, these three key implementations will guide you towards a more prosperous outcome and guarantee effective operational excellence for your private operations. The three keys will allow you to balance the triad for people, processes, and assets, generating the best benefits for both you and your service staff.

The Three Keys

  1. Defined Accountabilities: Clearly defining the roles of what needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it, is imperative to establishing accountability. Each constituent of your service staff should have a clear set of responsibilities and should be held accountable for delivering or lack thereof.

  2. Communication Channels: Ensuring regular, agile, and efficient structures for communication means information can be shared quickly and any problems or operational gaps can be highlighted and resolved preemptively.

  3. Action Orientation: Preparing team members so they are clear on what steps to take, to either prevent a problem from occurring or how to fix one should it arise, enables your team to be more flexible, efficient, and fast to respond.

The benefit is that operational excellence is repeatable, and the tools and techniques to optimise it are mature. The challenge is to ensure that service staff, processes, and asset pieces of the puzzle are assembled in the best way to achieve optimal performance. Thus, whilst you cannot control the external factors that may impact the smooth running of your households and properties, you can prepare your team to be ready for any eventuality, so they can minimise the impact on your quality of life.



Non ducor, duco. Lead a life without compromise.

(I am not led. I lead)

You can access our all-encompassing operational excellence handbook, with 3 key considerations here!

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