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Has The Bell Rung For In-class Education?


With applications at independent schools soaring, and more schools opting to go fully remote this fall, to say parents are facing an unprecedented school year would be an understatement.

However, coming to terms with remote learning and finding the most suitable option in living your uncompromised life can in fact still be accomplished. Remote learning does not have to mean being 'imprisoned' at home, stagnant at the main workroom desk, it can in fact be made more enjoyable. Read more to find out how taking remote learning remotely can benefit everyone.

Ringing the Bell on in Class Education


For those who can work remotely from anywhere and who are accustomed to a certain standard of luxury, there are several top of the line resorts and hotel names that are rolling out packages that include educational experiences with a side of leisure activities. Many of the properties are lending themselves up as remote learning environments that offer residential-style accommodations, making the transition to hotel living even easier. Whether its a cottage, residence or an apartment that is part of a hotel, all offer an educational environment that is secluded, safe and secure.

It is combining the best of both worlds. If your reality is already sheltering in place, why not do it some place where you can learn algebra poolside or practice French in between paddle-board lessons?

Learning - Not by the book


Understanding all the difficulties that are currently faced, taking remote learning remotely does not have to mean any interruption in education or any pre-existing arrangements. These secluded biomes of luxury and safety offers environments that could be used by private tutors, in-house educational programs or remote programs in cooperation with local international schools. This will ensure that both the educational standards and the living arrangements are all of highest calibre and will ensure a seamless transition between life at home and life at your new home away from home.

Stateside Sojourns


Alternative to long-term remote learning, there are also short-stay programs for students who seek a change in scenery offered by constituents such as the Ritz-Carlton. Pupils can engage in interactive lessons, outdoor exploration & a wide variety of leisure activities. This stands as an adjacent activity for those who seek a break from their current set of routines, yet still remain in the educational sphere.

We understand that the current school year is throwing out challenges at a faster pace than ever before, but we can assure you that there still exists safe, secured and educationally-driven alternatives. It is time to make private, personalised; the world can truly be your classroom.

Do not let the current circumstances jeopardise your life without compromise, avoiding settling for just private, let it be personalised.


Contact us for any inquiries or you can access our all-encompassing operational excellence handbook here!

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