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Taking Luxury to New Heights: Choosing the Right Private Jet for You.


Aside from complete seclusion and privacy, the allure of traveling private is the luxury of choice. The freedom of choice ranging from the time the wheels leave the ground to the choice of onboard apartífs and condiments.


What is sometimes forgotten, however, is that there is a more important choice to be made, the choice of which private jet will transport you to your destination. From petite single-engine turbo props to opulent transatlantic jets, the possibilities are endless, and ensuring that your trip starts off on the right foot, or tuscan-leather wrapped seat rather, is essential. Because unlike a car, it is not just moving from point A to point B, where private travel can be from point A to point Z with a stop over at point J. Thus, comfort and convenience is paramount to you and your families life of no compromise.

Just as there is a right car for every road, a cabrio for the Amalfi coast, or a Rolls for the Alpine curves, there also exists the perfect private jet for every route. Pairing your journey with the right private jet is one of the pillars of success for a life without compromise; minimising delays and maximising comfort and convenience. Whether it be ochre in the morning light, apricot by midday or a dazzling pink at dusk, make sure you open the right window to your view of choice.

Regional Travel


Turbo Props

Turbo props are a superb choice for regional travel whether it be a weekend getaway to a near by country estate or a business meeting that requires your personal input. These aircraft offer up to four non-stop flight hours, which provides a perfect regional range for small island hops, regional city visits or a multiple stop tour of your favourite wine vineyards across Napa Valley.

Light Jets

Light jets are the most popular go-to option for regional business professionals, but also is a perfect fit for most leisure travels. Most standard light jets have a seating arrangement of up to seven, perfect for a family city trip or a business entourage.

Continental Travel


Mid-sized Jets

The mid-sized jet stands as the staple of the private jet industry, popular amongst many high-high-efficiency business travellers. The mid sized jets starts to provide the luxury benefits of comfort with stand-up height cabins, enclosed restroom facilities, seating for seven to nine individuals and a much longer range. This makes them the perfect option for longer, continental travel for larger families or more friends. Whilst mid-sized jets compromise some of the lower cost for greater comfort, this is a compromise that is well worth it.

Super mid-sized jets

Bigger is always better, and when seven seats are not enough, super mid-sized jets take the comfort and luxury of mid-sized jets and scales it up a notch. Super mid-sized jets offer capacities of up to ten passengers, with far larger cabin spaces and incredible increases in range. This is where the choice starts to dabble in transcontinental travel; a family trip to a palm tree oasis or a board meeting in an urban sanctuary, the choice is yours.

Transcontinental Travel


Heavy Jets

Heavy jets embody the upper echelons of private jet travel. With a maximum capacity of 18 passengers and a range of seven to ten hours, it offers the ideal transport for light transatlantic and transcontinental flights. Heavy jets tend to simplify extended family travel as most consist of two sections, providing you with the option to rest, or to separate the cabin for enhanced privacy when needed. Not to mention the higher cabin ceilings that will provide your family and friends with free movement and a plethora of space to either continue work or start the vacation relaxation prematurely.

It's not the destination, it is the journey; Whether you are flying for business or leisure, ensure that your life without compromise starts as soon as you step foot onto the RIGHT private jet, and not only when you have arrived.

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