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Estate Operation Challenges
Our client acquired a complex estate to maintain and upkeep, we implemented a solutions package to ensure that the Principals needs were surpassed. In addition adding our unique service excellence implementation so that the family could enjoy the benefits of a well secured estate without any compromise to it feeling like home.
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Service Delivery Challenges
Our client faced challenges with one of his stately homes. The Principal had newly married and was no longer comfortable with how the operations ran. We provided a discreet adjustment to the operations, service flow, schedules and execution strategy in which led to a calm and seamless delivery of all operations.
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Staff Recruitment Challenges
Our client’s patience was exasperated interviewing candidate selections for various positions on their estate. We alleviated their frustration time by acting as a gatekeeper, running first round interviews and only presenting an elite shortlist of candidates for the client to interview, saving them a significant amount of time and turnover.
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Private Project Challenges
Our client was infuriated with delays on the refurbishment of their summer residence, despite agreed project milestones. We assessed the progress; delivery plan and project managed the refurbishment and the house turnover to completion. Our Principals arrived with their newborn as scheduled and remarked how calm and peaceful it felt.
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Business Travel with Family
Our client’s travel requirements for extended trips were uncomfortable and disruptive to their daughter’s routine. We arranged a home away from home experience for our client to reduce the stress and anxiety caused.
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Challenges with Growing Family
Our client's growing family created increasing complexity for the Household Manager, resulting in added work for our client. We coached and guided the Household Manager to overcome challenges and restore tranquility to the household
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Social Calendar Management
Our client’s busy social calendar involved entertaining guests at top restaurants, we ensured they experienced a unique and health conscious fine dining experience by tailoring restaurant choices and liaising with venue’s to match our clients taste
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Private Fleet Challenges
Our client was frustrated with his fleet of exotic cars not being maintained efficiently which impacted their schedules. We coached the fleet supervisor and implemented new technology to ensure all cars were correctly maintained giving the client the freedom to choose their preferred car on any given day.
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Supplier Negotiations
Our client was presented with a proposal to build their private equestrian arena surface. Following our assessment and subsequent negotiation with the supplier, the client was able to have a high quality surface built, at a fraction of the cost, with lower ongoing maintenance costs.



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