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Change as Opportunity; A life without compromise can be kept constant

Updated: Sep 16, 2020


"The only constant in life is change" - Heraclitus

We all face changes every day – whether it is a simple change in the itinerary or a large scale service staff change. But what if it was said that there is a way to prepare for these changes, expected or unexpected; a way to live a life in which changes such as these are detected, adapted and adjusted to through service excellence.

Change as a Constant


Change affects us all and we all find our own ways to which we deal with it. However, quite contradictory, change tends to be the only constant in our life, the only thing we can be sure will happen. To expect change can provide you with hope during times of adversity or unexpected changes in your life. On the opposite side of the same spectrum, change can also bring fear in situations in which the last thing you desired was change. The key, nevertheless is to come to the realisation that it is not the circumstances or the changes that should dictate how you operate your life without compromise, but rather how the changes and disruptions are handled. No matter the change we experience, how it is embraced, analysed and resolved will impact how you will be able to continuously live a life without compromise in an ever changing world.

Favouring Familiarity


As we move through life we establish pathways to how we tend to do things, essentially we learn what we like and what we do not like, what is favourable and what is not. For the most part, this is great, as we do not have to worry about relearning or reteaching positive behaviour. The private chef knows how you like your eggs poached in the morning paired with your favourite sourced coffee or tea, the concierge at your favourite hotel knows what thread count to have for your pillow and bedding and the chauffeur knows which car to pull to the courtyard on which day. The dilemma arises when there is a sudden schedule change, weather change or change in your preferences in a static environment. The key here, ultimately, is to have a team that is capable of welcoming change without it having felt like a disruption to your routine; a team that can provide continuous operational excellence.

Our protective brain


Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go, especially when it comes to your life without compromise. Staff must be kept current, relevant and up to date to ensure that they are able to adapt to any expected and unexpected change that might cause disruption. This is where the agility of your team will be put to the test; providing continuous, seamless service excellence in a dynamic, changing environment.

Although sometimes service staff might feel like family in every form except by blood and a beloved estate might feel like home in every form except your presence, there does come a time when change will occur in all facets of life. It is only by instinct that we immediately consider the possible threat that this change can bring forth. We must however, realise that change is not always negative, and can usher in additional luxury, convenience and comfort in many ways. There are several facets in which we can become more accustomed to allowing positive change towards a life without compromise. Service staff can always be trained and retrained, estate managers can ensure smooth operations and your life without compromise can continue seamlessly despite a changing environment when the right precautions have been taken.

Change as Chance

  1. Accept that change will occur in your lives no matter how hard we try to resist

  2. Ensure that your team is capable of recognising changes with in the environment that might affect the operations

  3. Have a team that is willing to embrace and adapt to the changes to ensure that operational excellence is kept as a continuous standard

Change as an Opportunity


Relaxing beachside at your favourite holiday property, or spending a day at the stables, a life without compromise is about having no worries for all the changes that can occur in such a complex lifestyle; less about managing your life of luxury and more about living it.

The key is to remember that change is a normal part of life, and that we each have our own resiliency and ability to recover from or adjust easily to change. And although our environment changes, a life without compromise can be kept constant.

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