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The Importance of Bespoke in a Life Without Compromise

Updated: Aug 9, 2020


When the word bespoke is seen or said, what is it that comes to mind?

Perhaps in literality it is an item that has been made especially for you with precision and perfection. Or maybe in the broader sense of the word, it is a means of reaching your full potential in a given field, a fantasy that has come into existence.

Regardless the choice of definition, we at Joanne G Doran Luxury Lifestyle Operations and our partners at Knights & Lords Tailor House understand that bespoke is an indication of life without compromise. The founders and King tailors at Knights and Lords, Ashish & Pawan state it clearly, to them, "bespoke is simply what propels you to arrive at your destined door of life's unknown pleasures."

For Knights & Lords Tailor house, it is more than just a suit, it is a means of preserving the supreme culture of being a true gentleman, who alongside doing justice to their true life purpose also considers the duty and responsibility to dress according to who they want to be. It is beyond the mere physicality of the object itself, and more towards the lifestyle which it helps the wearer embody.


This is where our interests align. Just as the thread and needle intricately sews the folds and creases of the London-Cut, we at Joanne G Doran use our skill set and resources to create tailored solutions to our clientele. And although, we might vary in industry from Knights & Lords Tailor House, we collectively understand the importance of bespoke, the importance of living a life without compromise.

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