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The Future of Luxury Travel: A Search for Sanctuary


Let Memories Be Your Reality


Close your eyes and imagine waking up to the sounds and sense of the ocean, surrounded by blue skies. As you move through the different parts of your day, there is a sense that everything falls perfectly into place. There is never any rush, nor any waiting. You are well attended, yet without ever feeling crowded. Every need is anticipated, often before you even think it.

Don’t let this only be a distant memory, let it be a part of your near future. Undoubtedly, post-pandemic travel necessities and engagements will differ, and arguably the world of luxury travel will never be the same. But does that reveal the end of luxury travel? Most certainly not.

Finding the Good in the Bad


One thing the pandemic has brought to light, is the importance of finding your sanctuary, your seclusion, to – for a moment – forget about the world beyond. Find your safe haven away from resorts, where you can feel completely at ease and in full privacy. The travel industry has shifted from a Pre-Covid material-esque ambience to post-COVID purposeful, unique and meticulously personalised travel experiences. To ensure that this shift has minimal restrictions to your life without compromise, there are still several aspects of luxury travel that can be considered.

Find Your Sanctuary


Whether you seek peaceful reflection amongst the elegance of the Alpines in a secluded luxury mountain get-away or a stroll on a picture-perfect private palm island surrounded by pristine waters and white sandy beaches, not all hope is lost for your future travel desires. The idea is to find a spot of authenticity and seclusion above and beyond other generic travel options. A location that will allow you to seamlessly integrate without any disruption, in an environment specifically catered to your needs. This is exactly where solutions providers such as us thrive; in the authentic & exclusive category, that ensures a continuation of your life without compromise.

It is less about who you know, and more about what you know, and what we know about is the unavailable and undiscovered experiences and sequestered locations that offers just that, privacy & seclusion but with no compromise of luxury or convenience. It is experiences such as a private gala dinner in Venice on the roof terrace of the Peggy Guggenheim or a 3-Villa exclusive island hidden amongst the Phuket archipelago, that will now come to replace the once popular holiday resorts and Small Ultra Luxury Hotel (SULH) stays. The more remote the vacation destination, the better; meaning the destination is private enough to feel remote, while still offering all facets of a life without compromise.

“The journey is more important than the destination” is definitely said by those that do not have a fully catered experience waiting for them on the other side. But the journey has garnered a little more importance as a result of the COVID-19 era. It is now more important than ever to ensure that all facets of these travel experiences can be controlled – start to finish – making the entire journey more comfortable and enjoyable. From having a fully contactless travel experience, to a crease-free outfit awaiting your arrival at your destination, this sort of attention to detail is what will make your travel dreams grow into fruition, even in a world of travel restrictions.

You can access our all-encompassing operational excellence handbook here or book a consultation here!

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