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Private Office Operations: 5 Key Considerations for All-encompassing Private Operations


As we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, high net worth individuals, who have likely had no option but to leave some of their properties unattended due to travel restrictions or put on hold all matters relating to well-being & security, will need to ensure the properties, modes of transport, and all service staff responsible for private office functions are ready to resume to full capabilities and seamless, protective operations.

All facets of private office operations have been either hindered or halted entirely by COVID-19. Whether it be lifestyle operations, health & wellbeing, or perhaps fitness and travel, all may have been suspended or effected in one form or another and, with post COVID-19 restrictions in place, there may be challenges getting these tasks back online. However, there are a few key considerations that can be examined, starting with preparations.

Preparation is the key to operational excellence for private office operations and will provide you with peace of mind that your staff and properties are ready to welcome you. This will avoid discomfort, delays, and inconveniences that could otherwise have been avoided. A fully trained and equipped service team is the basis of effective preparation, thus, it is of importance to consider;

  • Are your staff ready and able to return to work?

If your staff members have been impacted, or you would like to take this opportunity to improve capability, you may need to begin hiring for replacements or re-training immediately; If you already have a full complement of staff, now is a great time to focus on continuous improvement.

Once a fully established, trained, and reputable team has been formed. All other aspects of private office operations can be considered. This includes;

  1. Lifestyle adjustments: Are you able to fast track training of service staff to ensure continuous provision of high-quality support with minimal disruptions to your lifestyle?

  2. Health & Wellbeing: Are your health and wellbeing practices compatible with a post-COVID mindset?

  3. Travel: Assess assets and travel capabilities to ensure that the best possible options are in place, and that travel restrictions and other regulations have little impact on travel.

  4. Luxury: Have all assets, properties, and estates that have had to have stood vacant been maintained in order to retain the level of luxury you are familiar with?

  5. Security: Assess whether all assets, properties, and estates have been approved, and all security measures taken to ensure a safe and secure re-entry for you and/or your family.


You can access our all-encompassing operational excellence handbook here!

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