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Maintaining Pre-COVID Luxury in a Post-COVID Environment


As the world slowly emerges from a complete halt due to the COVID-19 crisis but social distancing rules remain in place, it is imperative that your operations and service staff operate in parallel to this momentum.

In order to ensure that the pandemic has had minimal hindrances and disruptions to your life-style, and to set in motion private and estate operations by service staff, we encourage you to guarantee that your estates, properties; households and private offices are ready and operational to receive you at a moments notice. This process can be mobalised through the consideration of 3 key factors.


Three key considerations can be noted to retain pre-Covid life in a post-Covid world;

  1. Ensure operational excellence for your Private Operations Teams; Whilst you cannot always control the external factors that may impact the smooth running of your house- holds and properties, you can prepare your team to be ready for any eventuality, so that they can minimise the impact on your quality of life.

  2. Re-assess your estate and Private Operations; As you have inevitably had to choose to settle down in a single location, properties may have been unattended, and assets underutilised. A reassessment will allow for an indication of which properties and modes of transport must be addressed to resume to full capabilities, and seamless, protective operations.

  3. Prepare your team for a post quarantine operation; Preparation is key to operational excellence and will provide you with not only a peace of mind, but also a reassurance that your staff and properties are ready for you at any given moment.

With the aforementioned three key considerations in mind it is possible to avoid discomfort, delays & inconveniences. These resources are designed to help you identify and pre-empt potential issues, so you can implement a post COVID strategy that ensures you can continue to live a life without compromise.

You can access our all-encompassing operational excellence handbook, with 3 key considerations here!

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