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Household Operations; Prerequisites, Preparations and the Piece de Resistance

Updated: Aug 9, 2020


When managing your household operations, there is a need to invest wisely, judiciously, and purposefully in your personnel, systems, and services. Living life stress-free and without compromise, you require a household operation that runs meticulously, with impeccable standards and consistency. Having said this, effective household operations does require extensive monitoring. Therefore we have devised a manual to stand as the basis for either you or your household managers to ensure uninterrupted operational excellence. Effective household operations for your private estates will eradicate countless hours of phone calls, troubleshooting sessions, and redundant training sessions, and will ensure that you encounter service excellence at every corner of the estate.



However, prior to implementing top tier household operations, there exists a prerequisite that stands as the basis for optimal service, estate, and personal performance. Reiterating the 3 keys to operational excellence, a life lived with extraordinary choices requires a Trained Empathetic Agile Motivated interdependent team. The foundation of prime household operations includes an elite group of service staff selected for their outstanding talents & skills as a result of their innate ability to consistently elevate themselves, stay current, and act collaboratively for delivering service excellence. Employing service staff with such capability will provide you with the means to non-compromised ends.



Preparation is the key to effective and efficient household operations and peace of mind that your staff and properties are ready to resume operation to the fullest extent of the principal's expectations. This circumnavigates discomfort, delays, and inconveniences that could otherwise have been avoided.

Piece de Resistance of Household Operations


Estate manual, control journal, household guidebook, home management journal - whichever name is given, every well-managed household and experienced household manager can benefit from one. A simple method of ensuring faultless household operations is to implement a household manual. Nonetheless, creating such a thorough manual is no small task - there is a virtually endless list of things that can be included and although every household has different needs, assets, and processes in place, there exist a few key considerations for any ideal household operations.


  • Contact list: A list of all important service staff, family members and operations staff to ensure all members of the workforce are contactable at a moments notice.

  • Security and safety procedures: A guideline for safety procedures during a state of emergency to ensure safety and security for you and all your assets.

  • Holidays: All holiday necessities and requirements to ensure a smooth transition from estate-settings to holiday environments.

  • Party/Events: Whether it is back yard soirees or formal dining events, an outline of event standards will allow service staff to promote the proper level of guest entertainment in any given scenario.

  • Family & Children: All dates of importance, routines, and preferences of the principals

  • Housekeeping procedures and standards: A guide of all housekeeping practices to ensure standardised service across all properties and estates.

Benefits of Effective Household operations


Well-established household operations will allow for a standardised approach for estate managers, caretakers, homeowners, and other household staff. This will allow for a customary set of principles that can be operationalised a priori to ensure optimal hiring decisions, training protocols, and smooth operations on a daily basis. It stands as an important resource to ensure the consistency, organisation, and efficiency of a home and property.

Strive for excellence, strive for an effective modus operandi for your household operations

You can access our all-encompassing operational excellence handbook here!

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